Chilling out in Alcoutim.

We have only been on the Rio Guadiana for a couple of days but already feel at home here. The place is beautiful with lots of activities including a zip wire over the river between Spain and Portugal, cycling, kayaking, … Continue reading

Will Carousel fit under the bridge?

Yacht Carousel is now back in mainland Europe after a very fast and comfortable Atlantic crossing. We have already explored most of the Atlantic coast of Portugal and are currently relaxing 25 km up the Rio Guadiana. We look forward … Continue reading

The end of our adventure in the Azores.

After a couple of months in the Azores we are now ready to leave. We have explored three of the islands and already plan to return as the islands are beautiful. They have recently been voted the second best islands … Continue reading

Time for a makeover.

It is always a tense moment when you lift the boat out of the water for a makeover especially when you have done as many miles as we have and two Atlantic crossings. As you can see from the photograph … Continue reading

The beautiful island of Faial, Azores

We have enjoyed a great week in Faial exploring the beautiful and dramatic landscape and we are now in Ponta Delgada, Sao Miguel which is a lot busier but just as interesting. On the trip here we saw hundreds of … Continue reading

Yacht Carousel is back in Europe.

What a great trip, twelve days from Bermuda to Horta and almost perfect sailing conditions the whole time. We had been closely following the weather prior to leaving and probably picked the only consistently good weather window there has been … Continue reading

The Royal Naval Dockyard in Bermuda.

We have arrived in Bermuda after a six day passage from Spanish Wells in The Bahamas, on the first stage of our Atlantic crossing back to Europe. We had a real mix of weather with wind strengths between 8 and 40 knots … Continue reading

Our last sail in The Bahamas.

We have had a great couple of months in The Bahamas. The sailing has been fantastic especially our very last sail from Nassau to Spanish Wells. We are now waiting until the wind is favourable for our trip to Bermuda.