Yacht Carousel had arrived in the Cayman Islands

A beautiful Blue Iguana found only on Grand Cayman, they were nearly extinct only ten years ago. They can grow up to five feet in length and live a solitary life from birth, taking three years to reach maturity.

A quick update of the last two weeks

In the last couple of weeks we have sailed more than one thousand nautical miles and visited three countries. We were very sorry to leave the San Blas Islands, Panama, one of the highlights of our cruise so far.

We had a two day sail from the San Blas Islands to Santa Marta in Colombia, the first day was champagne sailing and the second day saw lighter winds so we had to motor sail.

The next five days were spent in Santa Marta, Colombia, enjoying the vibrant city life, a big contrast from the remoteness of the San Blas Islands. We met up with a few British people who have been in the city for a while and enjoyed the active social life.

The perfect weather window presented itself and we took the opportunity to head north to the Cayman Islands, beam reaching all the way on starboard tack for nearly 700 nautical miles in four and a half days. One of our most enjoyable passages.

We now look forward to spending the next three months cruising the Cayman Islands and the south coast of Cuba, two very different economic and political countries. We are very excited to have the opportunity to explore the beautiful underwater world of the Cayman Islands and the Cuban culture.

Why not come and join us on our adventure with easy access from Grand Cayman International Airport?

Monkey business in Panama

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The beautiful Island of Escudo de Veraguas, Panama

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Spring Cleaning Yacht Carousel

After 5000 nm in six months we thought Carousel deserved a really good clean and what better place than Red Frog Marina on Isla Bastimentos in Panama. Despite being thirty years old she still looks like new.

Yacht Carousel arrives in Panama.

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Willemstad, Curacao, Dutch Antilles

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